Dennis Stars in Kodachrome – Now Playing on Netflix!



From 21 Laps Entertainment and Netflix comes a new movie about the relationship between fathers and sons.  

Kodachrome follows the relationship between a music exec (Jason Sudekis) and his famous father-photographer (Ed Harris). When the father realizes he has some undeveloped precious memories on the discontinued Kodachrome-brand of film, he and his son take a road trip to Kansas to get the film developed before the processing technology disappears forever. 

Says Dennis: “When I first read the script, I was drawn to the father-son dynamics in the story. It has a lot of heartfelt, touching moments that many of us relate to.  In fact, in the film, I help the father and son characters reunite and take a healing road trip, together.”


Kodachrome also stars Elizabeth OlsenWendy Crewson, and Bruce Greenwood


See the trailer below! 


Promotional video courtesy of Netflix.